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I enjoy learning languages in general so this is where all of my language bits and pieces will go so that they don't overflow too much onto my main blog. I also enjoy writing, so there will be writing posts and book posts as well. Enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! (btw, I'm Summer!)

How to Write About Death


If you’re a writer, there’s a BIG chance you’re going to kill off one of your characters eventually. Obviously being able to do this isn’t the same as experiencing death in real life, but it’s still something you need to think about and prepare for. Killing off…

bornonthebattleground asked: Ok, don't get me wrong because it's just curiosity, but I have to ask: how much of Supernatural is in Demon's Lexicon, if any? Please don't get this wrong, i love your books, it's a great story with great characters (and better storytelling, to be fair). It's just that I started to watch it recently and some similiarities struck me. And because it would be SO great if someone made a tv show out of DL :)




Oh, you poor sweetie. Please don’t feel at all self-conscious about asking this question, because it’s totally fine, and I so appreciate you saying you like the books (and I would love to have a TV show!) but this is actually something that comes up a lot. This ask about my books is really nice, which is why I chose it, because people have told me they find hostile asks upsetting. I do myself.

Since this question DOES come up a lot, sometimes in not-so-nice ways, I figured maybe I could use this nice question and write some kind of Ultimate Tumblr Answer to all such questions so I wouldn’t have to answer it again. 

This is going to be kind of a BIG answer and it might feel overwhelming, so check out of it any time after the simple answer, which is:

None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

There is no Supernatural in my books. I promise you.

I have only seen a few episodes of the first season of Supernatural, back maybe six years ago, and I didn’t enjoy it. (Which doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy it. Many people cooler than me enjoy it. I have a brilliant lady astrophysicist friend who owns all the box sets!) I’m not going to go into why I didn’t enjoy it, because then people will come and argue with me about my judgy ways, and criticise all the stuff like Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf that I do like. Fair enough, people. Let us all like what we like, accept that we like different things, and everything will be lovely!

I always feel like I have to be careful talking about Supernatural: if any Supernatural fans read the Demon’s Lexicon series and think to themselves, ‘Hey, this contains some of the stuff what I like, i.e. demons and brothers (the only two things TDL and SPN have in common)’ - then fabulous. I want people to read my books, and whatever way they get to my books is wonderful.

But it’s also important to be clear and honest: I would not base a book series on a TV show I never saw much of, and which I didn’t enjoy. That would be a lot of time to devote to stuff I didn’t enjoy! I wouldn’t do it. (Why do people think I would? Well, we’ll get to that later.)

There are a lot of demon stories out there, and a lot of family stories out there, but here are some obvious dissimilarities between Supernatural and the Demon’s Lexicon series:

1. The brothers in Supernatural are actually blood related, while the brothers I wrote about are not blood related. They are not even the same species.

2. One of the brothers in Demon’s Lexicon is disabled.

3. Road-Trip-Through-Small-Town America is a very distinct aesthetic Supernatural seemed to be going for. Can’t be achieved when your setting is England. The magic system itself is rooted in American folklore—mine is totally different.

4. There are ladies in my series who are present in every book and important, whereas I do not believe the Supernatural series has a female lead present in every episode or indeed season.

5. There’s also a queer character present and important in every book, and I do not believe the Supernatural series has a queer character present in every episode. Or indeed season.

6. There are no angels in my world and I understand angels become pretty important in Supernatural. Obviously, they like angels and I like—other stuff.

This has come out seeming judgy of Supernatural after all. I understand that Supernatural now has a queer lady character played by Felicia Day, and that’s excellent. I don’t mean to bag on Supernatural. But it is a very different story to the story in my books, and its creators have very different priorities to me, and I think that’s pretty clear.

There’s something else to be discussed here, which is that people may say unto me: Why’d you write books about brothers and demons if you didn’t want people to think your books were fanfiction, you dumb jerk?

I have two answers to that.

1) I can write what I like and I think it’s gross to say that I can’t.

2) It wouldn’t have mattered what I wrote about. Every book I’ve ever written gets this. My books haven’t just been called Supernatural fanfiction. They get called Harry Potter fanfiction, too. Definitely! How would I have the ability to come up with my own characters? 

No, the hero of Demon’s Lexicon is definitely Harry Potter. (Y’all remember that Harry Potter was an evil demon, right?) And Unspoken is definitely Harry Potter too. (Y’all remember that Harry Potter was a part-Japanese sassy girl detective? As well as being an evil demon. That Harry Potter. Such a multi-faceted individual.) 

My books are also Twilight fanfiction. (What isn’t?) And Full Metal Alchemist fanfiction. Just ceaseless fanfiction. And that means of course that the books are very, very bad.

My books get called fanfiction all the time, I think, for two reasons:

a) I am a girl. Dudes get to write perceived-as-derivative/actually-derivative fiction all the time and it’s a HOMAGE, but girls can’t do either. People decide girls’ stuff is derivative and lousy all the time, whereas boys’ stuff is part of a literary tradition and an important conversation. This is sexist and terrible.

Neil Gaiman referenced Asimov in Neverwhere:

And G.K. Chesterton in Coraline:

And William Gibson in Neverwhere:

Yet I do not see Neil Gaiman getting chased around and called a plagiarist like I was this summer when I wrote three words which also appear in the Hunger Games! (And before that, as it turns out, in The Emperor’s New Groove. Llamas, sue the Hunger Games!)

I am very tired of seeing women insulted for things every dude in the world is allowed to do. It is not literary critique. It is violent misogyny.


b) I used to write fanfiction. (These two issues—sexism and fanfiction—are actually very closely intertwined, because writing fanfiction is something that mostly girls do, and thus like all things Associated With Ladies, such as sewing and pink, is treated as dumb and worthless. And fanfiction, as I’m going to discuss, provides people with a narrative that go ‘why this lady actually sucks’ and people love narratives which say that.)

For those who didn’t know I used to write fanfiction, it’s obviously irrelevant to your opinion of me, and honestly, you can cut out here. Definitely if the person who asked me about Supernatural this time around wants to cut out here… they should. I am about to get mad. It is not your fault. I have just got this too many times, and I have had it up to here.

When someone is traditionally published after writing fanfiction, they get treated like trash, both by people who think fanfiction is weird rubbish and by people who themselves like to write and read fanfiction.

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An open, short letter to people who’ve been mean to Sarah Rees Brennan.

I am ENRAGED, and would like to reach into Sarah Rees Brennan’s past and whale upon a bunch of nasty, ignorant, stupid-assed people.  And then I would like to reach into the general past and whale on a bunch of nasty ignorant stupid-assed people.  What is WRONG with them?

If anyone cares to know my opinion, fanfiction is fine.  It is great for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, and out of those numbers come published writers who honed their skills online.  It doesn’t mean they are publishing their fanfic.  There are legal issues involved, usually.

Why in Sam Hill would you trash someone’s published works if you liked her fanfic?  Why would you trash her fanfic if you liked her published work?  For all you know, both branches are good.  And if you do decide to ignore one or the other, don’t be a nasty rude chicken-head biting lifeform and tell the author you’re doing so.  Just because you have bad manners at home and the office doesn’t mean you should have them online and at the author’s signing. 

Oh, wait.  You don’t have bad manners at home and at the office?  Then why in the name of the many withered teats of Hecate the brewer of poisons do you have bad manners online and at author signings?

More and more new authors have made their bones in fanfic.  It’s become the online writers’ camp, like online writers’ groups.  If you turn up your noses at it, and at the writers who publish after or even while they write fanfic, eventually you will run out of things to read.  What you should be doing is judging a writer on her published work.  Period.  I read Sarah Rees Brennan, and she is brilliant.  At least three publishers agree with me.  I’ve read other writers who’ve written fanfic before they were published, and somehow I was not blinded by that great scarlet FF on their bosoms.

People need to grow up, is what I think.










AU Finn & Rae [ Eleanor & Park style ]

Holding her hand was like holding a butterfly. Or a heartbeat. Like holding something complete, and completely alive.

Are people trying to kill me?!


holy hellfire, wowzers, the feeeeels

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  • Denmark: Island
  • Sweden: Island
  • Norway: Island
  • Iceland: Ísland
  • Finland: Islanti
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  • Denmark: Norge
  • Sweden: Norge
  • Norway: Norge or Noreg
  • Iceland: Noregur
  • Finland: Norja
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  • Denmark: Danmark
  • Sweden: Danmark
  • Norway: Danmark
  • Iceland: Danmörk
  • Finland: Tanska-
  • Norway: FOR FUCK'S SAKE
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  • Denmark: Finland
  • Sweden: Finland
  • Norway: Finland
  • Iceland: Finnland
  • Finland: Suomi
  • Denmark: God damn it, Finland.
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  • Denmark: Sverige
  • Sweden: Sverige
  • Norway: Sverige
  • Iceland: Svíþjóð
  • Finland: Ruotsi
  • Denmark: ...
  • Sweden: ...
  • Norway: ...
  • Iceland: ...
  • Denmark: You're tearing this family apart.

Vocabulaire français


fouiller (v) - to search, rummage through

or (conj) - but, yet

coup de pouce (exp) - a little help

empressement (nm) - promptness, haste, eagerness

bord (nm) - edge, rim

poing (nm) - fist

encaisser (v) - to enclose, encase

endurcir (v) - to harden, toughen up

se produire (v) - to happen, occur

saloperie (nf) - dirty trick

maille (nf) - link, stitch, mesh

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